Jennifer Lopez Now And Then Plastic Surgery


Jennifer Lopez

Born July 24, 1969, in the Bronx, New York, Lopez began her career as a dancer, appearing in stage musicals and various music videos. In 1990, she won a national competition and earned a spot dancing on the popular Fox comedy television series, “In Living Color,” as one of the “Fly Girls.” A series of small acting jobs followed, including parts in two more series and a TV movie, Nurses on the Line: The Crash of Flight 7, in 1993. Lopez’s first feature film was the critically acclaimed Mi Familia, or My Family, in 1995. She also appeared in Money Train (1995), opposite Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson, and in Jack (1996), directed by Francis Ford Coppola and starring Robin Williams.


Lopez’s first big break came in 1997, when she was chosen to play the title role in Selena, a biopic of the Tejano pop singer Selena Quintillana Perez, who was killed by the founder of the Selena fan club Yolanda Saldivar in 1995. Lopez earned widespread praise for her performance, including a Golden Globe nomination, and became the highest-paid actress in history with her pay check of $1 million.Lopez’s musical career also began to take off, as she released her debut Latin pop album, On the 6 in June 1999. The album, fueled by the success of her hit single, “If You Had My Love,” went platinum within two weeks, making Lopez—along with Ricky Martin—one of the most influential examples of the growing Latin cultural influence in pop music.Jennifer Lopez And Her Plastic Surgery Revelations

  1. Botox Fillers: The use of botox fillers in prominent over here because of the change in her features that is the absence of lines and wrinkles and presence of a smooth skin is something that does not better with age, but here you see that with age she is getting better skin without and fine lines or sagging skin and that is wholly because of botox fillers.
  2. Facelift: So when botox fillers are used, a facelift is a must to ensure complete success of the plastic surgery and hence Jennifer has got the surgery done to don the look completely.
  3. Rhinoplasty: A nose job here is prominent which is visible from the before and after pictures. She has got a smoothened nose with the perfect shape and it is much less widened now.
  4. jennifer-lopez-plastic

Though she has never admitted to the fact that she has had any of the above plastic procedures done but late back in 2013 while interviewing for the cosmopolitan magazine she on being asked about her undergoing the knife she completely denied it and said “I don’t know. You can take a hard stance on things and then eat your words later. All I’m saying is, at the end of the day, you got to feel happy about who you are inside, and then you can make good choices for yourself.”So the above lines do not reflect her complete approval of her having the plastic procedures done.Take A look At Jwoww Plastic Surgery Now And Then

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Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery Revelations

Lindsay Lohan

Born Lindsay Dee Lohan on July 2, 1986, in New York City, Lindsay is an actress and a singer. Lohan’s father, Michael Lohan, ran his family’s pasta business and worked as an investment banker. Her mother, Donata  Sullivan, was a Wall Street analyst. Lohan grew up in the wealthy Long Island suburbs of Cold Spring Harbor and Merrick.

Stints as a child model and commercial actress brought Lohan into the spotlight at the age of three. The star of more than 60 television spots and 100 print ads for clients like Toys ‘R Us and Duncan Hines helped Lohan land the film role of twin sisters in Disney’s 1998 remake of The Parent Trap. Lohan’s success resulted in more Disney film roles, including the remake Freaky Friday (2003) also starring Jamie Lee Curtis. Her next role with Disney, the pre-teen comedy, Confessions of Teenage Drama Queen (2004), brought mild success. But it was her starring role in Paramount’s film Mean Girls, written by comedian Tina Fey, that turned Lohan into a bona fide star.

Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery Revelations

In May 2008, Lohan appeared as a guest star on the television sitcom Ugly Betty. She went on to appear in the film Labor Pains, which was released in 2009. Around the same time, she was working on a new album.In November 2012, Lohan starred as Elizabeth Taylor in the made-for-TV movie Liz & Dick. Airing on Lifetime, the movie focuses on the Taylor’s relationship with actor Richard Burton (Grant Bowler). She later made guest appearances on such shows as Anger Management, Eastbound & Down and 2 Broke Girls. In 2014, Lohan took on a new challenge. She went to London to perform in a revival of the David Mamet play Speed the Plow.

Lindsay Lohan Plastic surgery revelations………

Inspite of being a part of the industry at a very young age, Lindsay could not resist herself from the glamour of the industry and that her point of keeping oneself grounded by not following the industry was never to be followed. Though she has never approved of the fact that she has had a plastic surgery like the other hollywood celebs, but on comparison of her before and after pictures we get to know that there is a mentioned change in her features.

Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery

  1. Botox Fillers: According to a few specialists we come to know that she has had a lot pf fillers and that she appears to be even older than her age and that the appeal and vibrancy of a young one has been lost.
  2. Lip Job: On comparing her before and after pictures we get to see that there is a considerable change in her lip structure and they appear to be fuller and stretched, which give a very different and unusual shape to her lips.
  3. Facelift: While a celeb selects to get Botox injections, a facelift is a mist in order to complete the process and complement the basic make up of face. Here her facelift is so prominent that it is clearly visible that she has had it. The changes can be seen and that it has removed her cheeks completely and has given her face a complete new look.
  4. Breast Implants: On comparing her before and after pics  get to see that she has got much more voluminous boobs than before.


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Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery Pictures

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Joanna Aniston was born on February 11, 1969, in Sherman Oaks, California. The daughter of soap opera star John Aniston and actress Nancy Dow, Aniston began appearing in stage productions in the late 1980s. She attended Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, where she was active in drama.After several minor film and television roles, Aniston hit Hollywood gold by playing Rachel Green on the hit NBC sitcom Friends. Friends was a huge success, with the nation even dubbing Aniston’s signature hairstyle on the show as “The Rachel.” She stayed with Friends for 10 years, banking $1 million per episode for the last three seasons, until the show ended in 2004. She won both a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award during her tenure on the show.

Aniston has also nurtured a big-screen career, often alternating between small, independent films like Office Space and 2002’s The Good Girl and big-budget productions like the Jim Carrey vehicle Bruce Almighty (2003). Other films include 2004’s Along Came Polly opposite Ben Stiller, Derailed and Rumor Has It. In 2006, she continued her mix of filmmaking styles with the ensemble production Friends with Money, which opened at Cannes, and the blockbuster romantic dramedy The Break-Up.Aniston married actor Brad Pitt in 2000. The A-list couple divorced in 2005 following media speculation that Pitt had an affair with co-star Angelina Jolie. Aniston has since been linked with The Break-Up co-star Vince Vaughn, musician John Mayer and SNL cast member Jason Sudeikis.

Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery Pictures

In August 2012, Aniston announced her engagement to American actor and director Justin Theroux, who is best known for his roles in several comedy films, including 2005’s Strangers with Candy.

Jennifer Aniston And The Speculations About Her Plastic Surgery

Celebrity plastic surgery is a topic that is gaining importance with each new actor adding up in the industry. There has been a lot of speculations in reference to several actors undergoing the knife and getting their bodies and facial features enhanced. With such speculations comes about the plastic surgery changes of another actress, Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer Aniston though has never approved of the fact that she has had the plastic procedures done but on comparing her before and after pictures we get to see that there is a considerable and defined change in her looks and features.

Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery

  1. Breast implants: If you go on comparing her before and after pictures you will notice that there is a definite change in her boob size, they look bigger, voluminous and shaped.
  2. Lip enhancement: If you observe you will get to know that there is change in her lip size and shape. Her lips seem to be more defined and has got that proper lip shape. The upper lip is more curvy and  they seem to be in a good shape now.
  3. Rhinoplasty: This is the only surgery that Jennifer has approved of. She said her first surgery went wrong die to which she went under the knife all over again to get a proper nose.
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