Deepika Padukone Before And After Plastic Surgery


Deepika Padukone was born on January 5, 1986 in Copenhagen, Denmark and later shifted to Banglore. Her father, Prakash Padukone, a badminton ace and her mother a housewife had two kids Anisha and Deepika. Her sister also is a badminton champion. She kickstarted her modelling career while in class 10th and was never interested  in studies and always wanted to be a model and an actress. Her first movie, Om Shanti Om opposite Shahrukh Khan was a huge hit after which she grabbed a lot of attention and media coverage. She has been a part of several films including a few flop films, with the recent one being Bajirao Mastani, opposite her boyfriend  Ranveer Singh, which was another smashing hit.


She has also been a part of several advertisements and has got her own fashion line developed and also plays badminton as her pass time activity. She has been in relationship with the very famous Ranbir Kapoor for a long while, but later split apparently due to Ranbir’s mother not approving the relationship of the two. Also she has been in relationship for a short while with Siddhart Mallya, kingfisher but the relationship was a short one. And now she is in deep love with The actor Ranveer Singh and most probably their marriage is about to happen in January.

Deepika Padukone And Her Plastic Surgery Procedures

When the talk os about Bollywood hotties, how can the ever charming, glamour and beautiful Deepika Padukone be left behind. She is today’s most growing actress who is not only a part ofBollywood but also Hollywood. She has got the highest fan following and is the leading actress of Bollywood who is set to act along with Vin Diesel in XxX. Talking about her looks and features, though there has been a significant change in her looks since the day she entered in south indian movies to the day today, and here we are to discuss the changes she has had since day 1 in the industry.

  1. Nose Job: So talking about Rhinoplasty which is a plastic procedure adopted by many actors and actresses who are a part of the industry. You can easily see the change in her nose shape from her before pictures which reflects that her nose is now narrower and pointed rather than the bulbous bulk and has got a more defined look than ever before.
  2. Lip Surgery: This is one surgery that everyone speculates about because there is not much of a change that you can see in her lip size and lip shape.


Since we are just speculative of the fact that she has had the above procedures or not, it is only Deepika who can talk about the same. Also, there has never been any discussion about her having the plastic procedures done before and there has been no official talk about the same from her side. Whatever it is we know that she is the leading star and is the queen of Bollywood who is always remain to be charming and vibrant in her looks.

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