4 Heavy Duty Caster

A 4 heavy duty caster can help move equipment and furniture around your home or business. These casters are designed with a kingpin in the swivel and double row ball bearings to provide smooth turning, strength and long service life.

Ideal for dollies, platform trucks, warehouse carts and freight terminals, these casters feature bright zinc plating and heat treated king pins. They also have double ball bearing heat-treated raceways and grease fittings.

High-quality heavy duty casters are available in swivel, rigid and brake styles. Load capacities range from 750 to 2400 pounds per caster.

The Benefits of Using 4-Inch Heavy Duty Casters for Your Equipment

Durable wheel casters are designed to offer a smooth, quiet ride over uneven surfaces and are perfect for furniture wheels, cart wheels, cabinet wheels, and other items that require frequent movement. They are made of soft materials to reduce vibration, so they are also ideal for use in environments with noise pollution.

Casters that are encased in non-marking thermoplastic rubber can absorb shock, reduce vibration, and ensure a smooth, quiet gliding experience. These casters are also designed to resist wear and tear, so they will last for years of use.

Thermoplastic rubber is a softer material than steel and can be easily installed on a variety of surfaces. It has a superior abrasion resistance and will not damage floors.

These casters are also equipped with a total lock and direction locking system, which will keep your equipment in place while you are rolling it around. This is an excellent safety feature that will minimize accidents when moving equipment around your shop or home.

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