A Quick Guide to Vegan Friendly Food Products

BEFORE: I was a vegetarian for over ten years and always tried to avoid dairy and eggs, while cooking at home. Around the end of last year, while still being vegan, I decided to go vegan. I did this because I was sick and tired of pretending to be a meat eater when I was really a vegetarian. Around the same time, my co-worker got married and became a vegan as well. I felt a little guilty about this but didn’t want to hurt her feelings by not helping to support her new lifestyle, so I didn’t. At the beginning of our vegan relationship, however, I definitely wanted to avoid cooking or buying animal products, and was constantly worried about how I could go about doing so (finding vegan friendly products was another matter entirely). Go to the site for more info.

vegan friendly food products


Vegan Friendly Food Products

AFTER: After going vegan, I realized that not only was there a lot of good information out there about going vegan, but that there were also vegan friendly recipes that I could prepare (or try to cook) so that I could eat as much vegan food as I wanted, without having to spend money on vegan products. So, I quickly started to learn more about veganism, how to prepare vegan meals, how to make sure I was getting the most out of my diet, etc. I bought vegan friendly books, read a lot of vegan blogs and article online, and even considered taking a vegan class. While the transition was very easy, it was definitely tough at first – not because I didn’t want to become vegan, but because I didn’t have any vegan friendly products in my cupboard.

Fortunately, finding vegan friendly food products is easier than ever. My local co-op sells organic baby food, which my son absolutely adores. I also have a few natural and organic products in my pantry that I use on a regular basis, such as marmalade, faux meats, sauces, and salad dressings. These products are much cheaper than the typical “meat-based” foods that I used to buy, and they’re much healthier and more ecologically sound, too!

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