Best Clear Eyebrow Gel

clear eyebrow gel

Clear brow gel lends a polished look to your brows that seals all the hard work you’ve done shaping, coloring, and grooming them. These transparent formulas provide a light coat that dries invisible and sets your brows in place all day. They also help prevent your brow makeup from flaking or budging throughout the day. The best brow gels feature safe synthetic setting ingredients and conditioning ingredients to keep your brows soft.

Whether you’re aiming for a feathered finish or a sleek laminated look, these best clear brow gels will give you a natural and flexible hold that looks beautiful all day long. They’re smudge-resistant, easy to maneuver with the dual-sided wand, and have an impressive amount of staying power.

All About That Hold: Choosing the Best Clear Eyebrow Gel for Your Brow Goals

The brow lamination trend that’s all over Instagram and TikTok is so popular for a reason: It instantly makes your face look more put together without much effort at all. And while you can have a brow lamination session at the salon (which costs upwards of $300), it’s simple to achieve at home with a good brow gel and a little practice.

To find the best clear brow gel for you, we consulted beauty experts, including lash and brow expert Jennifer Blair of DekaLash, brow expert Michele Holmes of Brow Sensei, and celebrity brow artist Joey Healy. We compiled their insights and product recommendations along with input from our InStyle testers to compile this list. And, as always, we took price into consideration.

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