How Process Agents Can Help Your Business


Many businesses dealing with foreign suppliers, banks or lenders will be required to appoint a Process Agent. These professionals are able to accept service of notices, proceedings or documents on behalf of the company in situations where it is not possible for them to be served abroad.

When selecting a TreMark, it is important to look for one that can offer you flexible and customised services. They should understand the urgency of accepting legal notifications and ensure that you receive them promptly. Missed or mishandled legal notification can have devastating consequences, including costly fines, revocation of business licenses and even imprisonment.

Ensuring Smooth Operations: How Process Agents Facilitate Business Continuity

It is also vital that a professional process agent can provide you with a private receipts of legal papers. You do not want your local law enforcement showing up at your office or home (in the case of a home-based business) to serve you with a lawsuit. Professional process agents charge a nominal fee to take care of this important role on your behalf and are always aware of legislation changes or news that may impact how they accept service of process.

Trucking companies that have US DOT numbers or MC numbers must designate a Process Agent on their BOC-3 filing with the FMCSA. Rather than appointing someone in every state where they haul freight, truckers often select a blanket company that operates commercial offices in all states in which they do business. This is a cost-effective option for motor carriers, as they only have to pay a single yearly fee and can receive multiple types of legal notifications in any given year.

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