How to Germinate Seeds in Paper Towels

Using the paper towel method is an efficient way to germinate seeds before transplanting them into soil or a seed starting mix. This can help save space, allow you to grow more in less time, and get a head start on your growing season. Plus, it is a great way to use old seeds that you aren’t sure if they are still good or not.

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How to germinate seeds in paper towels?  The first step is to wet a sheet of paper towel with water or a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide. Then place a second dry paper towel on top, making sure the seeds are completely covered. Place both in a clear sandwich size zip-close bag. This will act as a mini greenhouse and create the perfect conditions for germination.

It’s important to check the seeds daily to make sure they are still damp and not rotting. Also, if you notice the seeds getting moldy or have fungal growth, then it is necessary to remove the affected paper towel and replace it. Lastly, it’s helpful to record the progress of each seed in a garden journal or gardening spreadsheet so you can keep track and know when to plant. Regardless of how you germinate your seeds, it’s important to do so in a warm area that is not exposed to direct sunlight and that stays at room temperature. Some seeds, like pepper, may take a bit longer to sprout than others, but with patience and careful monitoring, you should be able to get them started.

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