How to Use Electric Fence

electric Fence

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The main component of an electric fence is called a power energizer which converts the mains or battery voltage into a short high-voltage pulse that it sends along an insulated wire about once every second. The pulse creates an electrical circuit that can only be closed when touched by a person or animal. If the live wire and the conductive body of a person or animal make contact it causes a sharp involuntary contraction. This is often felt like a “kick” or a boot feeling. The pulse does not cause any permanent damage and the victim can usually run backwards away from the fence without getting shocked again.

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Most modern energizers have low internal resistance (in ohms) and can easily energize many kilometers of multi-strand electric fencing. This means that the power output is not so high as with old mechanical, high internal impedance energizers and that the risk of head injury is greatly reduced.

In the past people who were not familiar with how to use electric Fence were sometimes given a nasty shock when they accidentally touched their heads against a fence or tried to pass through a gate while it was electrified. This was caused by a poor quality pole or the simple fact that a wire was not properly connected to the strainer post. To avoid this problem use a piece of HT/G double insulated wire to interconnect all the live wires at each end of your electric fence and bury it 3″ (10 cm) down into the ground. This will carry any unwanted current to the earth instead of the strainer post or metal gate.

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