Rehab Facilities in Sarasota, FL

rehab facilities in sarasota fl

Rehab facilities in sarasota fl offer the comfort of home, while also providing the attention patients require. These facilities accept most major health insurance plans, and provide around-the-clock patient care. Additionally, they are nationally recognized for their skilled nursing programs.

How to Choose Rehab Facilities in Sarasota, FL

The programs at Sarasota Addiction Specialists use evidence-based therapies and relapse prevention training to help clients successfully overcome their addictions. Clients attend nine hours of treatment a week and receive individualized care. These services include group and individual counseling, trauma therapy, stress management, and crisis intervention. In addition, these facilities offer sign language interpretation and language translation, as well as telehealth services.

Sarasota has a number of rehabilitation centers that specialize in treating drug and alcohol addiction. Pathways of Florida, located in Sarasota, offers inpatient and outpatient treatment for those struggling with addictions to drugs, alcohol, or other substances. Addiction to these substances is often severe, and it is essential that the individual seeking help undergo professional treatment.

The Centerpointe Recovery of Sarasota is a small, locally owned treatment center that combines decades of experience with the strengths of their clients. It has a unique outpatient program, where patients meet three days a week for three hours each day. This allows patients to remain in their communities while continuing their recovery. The treatment program is also reasonably priced.

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