Swiftwick Flite XT Trail Mid Calf Grip Sock Review

mid calf grip socks

Grip socks are a big part of any player’s kit bag and have become an integral piece of gear to maximise performance when playing football. Grip socks are specialised socks designed to grip to your foot and footwear, eliminating any points of slippage that could negatively impact the transfer of energy from your feet to your boots or shoes. The grippy pads on the inside and outside of each pair of Trusox grip socks wrap around the base, side and heel of your foot to lock them in place inside your shoe. The socks have become a key product in professional and amateur sports alike, with many soccer players wearing their own preferred brands of grip socks alongside their official kit during games. Find out mid calf grip socks – gaintheedgeofficial.com

Ultimate Performance: Elevate Your Athletic Abilities with Mid-Calf Grip Socks

The latest version of Swiftwick’s grippy sock, the Flite XT Trail, performed well in our testing this winter. Its grippy pads in the forefoot and heel prevent your foot from sliding down inside your shoe, while a snug arch band provides extra compression that helps support lateral movements during drills or evading rocks, roots and potholes on a trail run.

Although this sock doesn’t offer quite as much cushioning as some of the other models we tested, most runners found it to be comfy and supportive. It’s made of soft merino wool that’s cosy against your feet and wraps the arch with just enough compression to feel snug but not tight or restricting during workouts. This model also performs well in wet conditions, though it did take longer to dry than some of our other high-performance socks.

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