The Costs of Tennis Court Construction

Tennis Court Construction

Whether you want to play at home, host Tennis Court Construction or simply enjoy the game with family and friends, Tennis Court Construction brings championship-level gaming right to your yard. Investing in this project is no small undertaking and there are many factors that can impact your total cost.

The main costs influencing tennis court construction include site preparation, installation and upkeep. A lot of work goes into preparing the site before laying down the actual surface, especially for harder courts that require a stronger base. The natural state of the ground can also influence your final cost, as steeper sites are more difficult to dig and shape, plus you may run into problems like tree stumps or rocks that would need to be removed.

Maintaining Your Investment: Tennis Court Construction Tips for Longevity

In addition to the surface itself, tennis court construction can be influenced by additional costs such as fencing and lighting. Having a high-quality fence is essential for both privacy and safety since balls can easily fly out of bounds during matches. Fencing can also prevent unauthorized use of your tennis court and protect both spectators and players from the sun’s strong rays.

Lighting is another important component, especially if you plan to play in the evenings. It’s best to work with a professional contractor for this type of installation to avoid potential issues and ensure that the lighting works properly.

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