Three Myths About Waxing Revealed

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — A controversial case involving genital Waxing Vancouver – has ended with the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal thoroughly dismissing the complaints of transgender woman Jessica Yaniv against several Vancouver-area salons. Yaniv alleged that the salons discriminated against her on the basis of gender identity and expression when they refused to perform a Brazilian wax, a service that removes female pubic hair. The salons contacted Yaniv through Facebook messages, saying that they were not comfortable performing the wax on her due to religious, safety and lack of training concerns. The salons also said they only offered the service to females and that she could obtain the services from other salons in the city.

What is a cheap alternative to wax?

The tribunal member found that while the aestheticians did not discriminate against Yaniv, she had brought the complaints for personal gain and to “punish racialized and immigrant women” because she believed that B.C’s South Asian community is hostile to transgender people. It also ruled that she engaged in extortionate behaviour and scurrilous attacks during the proceedings. Legal advocacy organization Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms represented five of the estheticians in the case.

Myths About Waxing

When it comes to hair removal information that’s straight-forward and specific, it can be difficult to find. That’s why we asked our Vancouver waxing specialists at Dermaly to explain three major myths about the process, as well as some tips for ensuring you get the best results from your waxing treatment.

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