Website Bot Detection

Website bot detection can be a difficult task. However, the best way to detect them is to have a clear understanding of the characteristics of bot traffic.

Bot detection: How to detect bots on your website, app, & API.

Bots are software applications that run repetitive tasks on a website. They are usually designed to steal content, which is why they perform specific behaviors. Bad bots can disrupt website traffic and inflate metrics. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to detect bots.

The first step is to establish a baseline of normal human web traffic. This can be accomplished by observing and tracking a number of metrics. These metrics can include: bounce rate, average page duration, and session duration.

A sudden, unnatural drop in bounce rate can be a sign of a bot on your website. The bounce rate is determined by the percentage of users that leave a page without visiting another page.

Bot traffic is often indistinguishable from human traffic. However, the most sophisticated bot attackers can spoof many systems. They may use botnets to generate fake requests. They may even slow down the speed of a bot to human speed.

Another way to identify bot traffic is by monitoring the speed of page load time. If a page loads too slowly, it can mean that bots are trying to scout the site. Typically, bots browse websites much faster than humans, which can result in a sluggish website. During peak hours, a slow website can be fatal for e-commerce businesses.

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