What Is a Drum Mixer?

drum mixer

A drum mixer is a concrete machine that uses drums that are opened and closed at the end to load in materials used for mixing concrete. It has specially designed flights inside the drum that mix and discharge concrete quickly when the mixer moves in one direction and then another. These machines are typically used on construction sites. They are more efficient than tilt concrete mixers when it comes to discharging concrete and can handle larger aggregate.

How many types of drum mixers are there in the market?

The main difference between this mixer and other cement mixers is that the drum does not tilt. Instead the drum rotates a proximate distance to the axis and it takes longer for the concrete to be discharged than in other mixer styles. The inclination of the drum varies between almost horizontal and at an angle of 15deg from vertical depending on the mixer’s application. Go here

It is very common to see this mixer type in the construction industry and they can handle most types of projects. They can be used for mixing concrete, cement slurry and also asphalt mixes. These types of mixers are very efficient and require less maintenance than other cement mixer models.

Using a drum mixer is very economical and easy on the environment. It is also very versatile and is a great choice for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries to mix medicinal powders or other dry mixtures. It is also a very safe option to use when working with flammable materials since the container can be completely closed and it is often air-powered or equipped with an explosion proof electric motor.

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